Why PassiveTronProfits

Passive Tron Profits was created to help our members to grow their tron effortlessly. We have 14 levels of advertising packages that will help you grow your audience and accumulate tron.
Safe & Secure

PTP has your interest in keeping your funds safe and secure.

Fast Support

All support tickets are answered professionally and within 24 hours

New Marketers

The beginner will love our passive pay where they can earn income daily as they build their online network

Professional Marketers

Big marketers will love our daily matching pay on all of their referrals daily active pay.

Instant Withdrawals

Access to your funds 24/7 via instant withdrawals directly to your TRON Wallet


Just share Passive Tron Profits with others and log in daily to earn your Activity Bonus

Choose Your Wallet

Fund your account with ETH, LTC or TRX receive instant withdrawals via TRX

Upgrade Your Position

Start where you can afford from Level 1 at just 10 TRON. Upgrade as you earn throught the 14 levels.

Start Earning Instantly

Earn simply by logging in and watching 1 login ad each day.

Explore the world of Crypto

There are two ways to acquire crypto, you can buy it or you can earn it!

At Passive Tron Profits we have created a unique way for everyone to earn crypto. We target the online network marketing niche. Every marketer needs advertising and everyone is looking for additional income streams. Our advertising is laser targeted because every pair of eyes that sees your ad has an interest in making money online and they have an interest in earning more crypto.

Passive Tron Profits fills both of those needs. Don’t wait, register today for free, have a look around and if you like what you see fund your account. You will love the advertising product and the extra TRON in your wallet.

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Passive Tron Profits Compensation Plan

Passive Tron Profits compensation plan is unique and very lucrative. When you purchase levels (ad packs) you become an active member in the PTP system. All active members are qualified to earn commissions (Activity Bonus and Matching Activity Bonuses) up to 3 times the purchase price of each level.

All activity Bonus and Matching Activity Bonus payments are distributed once each day. To earn simply log in each day viewing one 15 second login ad. If the member does not log in during a 24 hour period they will not earn any income that day.

50% of commissions are paid out in Personal Activity Bonus and 50% is paid out in Matching Activity Bonuses. Each of the 14 levels has its own pool funds and each day we release 1% of the total pool and pay in Activity Bonuses and Matching Activity Bonuses.

100% Matching Activity Bonus

If you build a team you can earn Matching Activity Bonuses. We pay a 50% Activity Bonus Match on direct referrals, 25% on level 2, 10% on level 3, 10% on level 4 and 5% on level 5.

The earnings are capped at 300% on each level. You can cycle a maximum of once per day on each level. If you have the available funds in your account the level will automatically renew when it reaches 300% earnings allowing you to earn over and over again at each level. If you do not renew after earning 300% you will no longer earn Activity or Matching Activity Bonuses on that level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started?
How much does it cost to get started?

At Passive Tron Profits you can get started for at little as 10 TRX. In fact, you can get started at whatever level you can comfortably afford. We have Ad pack Levels from 10 TRX up to 1,000 TRX.

How does the Comp Plan work?
How does the Comp Plan work?

At Passive Tron Profits we pay our members for logging in once every 24 hours to watch one 15 second login ad. If you build a team we also pay you when your team down 5 levels logs in each day. 1% of the total Activity Bonus Pool at each level is distributed each day in Activity Bonus and Matching Activity Bonus.

How much can I earn?
How much can I earn?

Each level gives the member the potential to earn 300% of the purchase price and then they must repurchase the level to continue earning Activity Bonus and Matching Activity Bonus. Each level can be completed a maximum of once each 24 hours.

Can I earn without referrals?
Can I earn without referrals?

All members can earn the Activity Bonus each day by simply being active and logging in each day.

What digital currencies do you accept?
What digital currencies do you accept?

For deposits we accept Ether, Litecoin or Tron. All withdrawals are processed in TRON to keep the transaction fee low and more of your withdrawal in your wallet. We do have a 5% funding fee on all deposits.

What if my question is not answered here?
What if my question is not answered here?

You can view our full FAQ by CLICKING HERE